NUMBERISH was built to simplify your life—that’s why we made it easy to use.

Learn how to use the NUMBERISH dashboard, how to create cards, manage their values, and share them with friends and followers.

a tour of Numberish

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Your Dashboard

That’s where the magic happens. It’s empty at first, but this is where you customize NUMBERISH to help simplify and manage your life.

Create, update, and view your cards in real-time.

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Card Types

Add a New Card

Choose a card type that matches your needs and simply add it to your dashboard. NUMBERISH’s user friendly platform makes it easy. Switch, stopwatch, calendar, or to-do list—whatever you need, NUMBERISH has your back.

add a new numberish card

Define Your Card

Name it. Describe it. Add it.

Give your card a name. This can be ANYTHING you want it to be, so get creative! This name serves as a hashtag to identify and track your card.

Add a description so that your friends, family, and followers get a clearer picture of how this card operates, and what it’s tracking.

You can make cards private, or public when you add them to your dashboard.

set numberish card values

Run It

Manage your Card

It’s time to put the card you just created to work!

Open your dashboard and you’ll see YOUR numbers. Change the value whenever you want. Update, or share updates with your friends and followers.

show and change value

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