Numberish was launched in September to store numbers and numerical information in a central way, and available for others. Today, we launch the next version of Numberish where you cannot only store your numbers and cards. Now, you can also follow friends and share your numerical cards on social media. New features overview.

Explore People and Cards

search numberish people and cards

You have a username, and you create cards. Your colleagues or friends are creating cards too. Why not share your card values and accomplishments with your friends? Why not follow your friend’s activities.

Image that you count the number of coffees you had at Starbucks. Or how many beers you drank. As friends do when they are together, they share their stories and achievements. Why not set up each a Numberish card to store, manage and share your number of Starbucks coffees.>

Your Numberish account now has an Explore option where you can see and search for people and cards. Search for Starbucks at the cards, and you will find all people that share their card about Starbucks or coffee.

Live Feed

On your home page you will see all cards that you follow, or all cards of the person that you follow. When someone changes his card value, you will see this update at the top of your live news feed.

Express your feelings. You can love a card and let the owner know about this.

Followers and Likes

At your Numberish account, you still have your dashboard page. On this page, you can see and manage all your cards. New to these cards, it that you can see the number of followers and likes that you got on your card specifically.

number of followers and likes

Share your Card on Social Media

Are you happy with your new achievement? Click the Share button on your card and share your new Numberish value or card on social media!

Integration with DataPoint

Do you want to show your Numberish data on a big television screen in real-time? We have a plugin for PowerPoint to accomplish that. DataPoint it is called.

DataPoint got a new data provider that you can use to easily connect your PowerPoint slides to real-time data. Click on your Numberish icon or profile, and choose API to get your API key. This secret code is needed to connect DataPoint to your Numberish cards and data.

Numberish API key

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