There’s an old adage: Necessity is the mother of invention.

Even if a little cliché, this couldn’t be more true when talking about NUMBERISH. NUMBERISH or NUM8ER1SH was created with a simple hook in mind: to be the Twitter for numbers. But frankly, it’s so much more than that. We couldn’t be more excited for the release of our new app.

Forget what “the experts” said about technology making our lives easier. We live in an age of complexity. NUMBERISH is here to simplify.

Here’s an example:

You’ve been hearing on the news that we’re “flattening the curve”. So, you bring up the old google machine and check to see how many new, confirmed COVID cases are at your local hospital. You quickly realize that you can’t find the info you’re looking for and when you do, the source is kinda sketchy. THIS is the type of necessity that bore NUMBERISH.

With NUMBERISH, you can display, share and automatically update numerical information. So, your hospital’s NUMBERISH account would be updating and sharing this important info automatically. Straight from the source.

Having said that, NUMBERISH is more than just a way to display numerical information.

When you open up the NUMBERISH dashboard, your entire organized life is right in front of you.

Our team developed a system that we call Cards. Each card has a specific function: Switches, sliders, numbers, to-dos, stopwatches, timers, contacts, anniversaries, scores, calendars. And these cards are organized neatly, in front of your eyes. NUMBERISH realized when your priorities are top of mind, peace of mind follows.

At the risk of underselling it, we can’t wait to get NUMBERISH into your hands. There are countless ways to use NUMBERISH. Whether you’re a business, a governmental organization or you’re just you, NUMBERISH is for you. Every important facet of your life, or business, is right in front of your eyes.

The genius of Twitter is the low barrier for entry due to its ease of use. This is the exact approach NUMBERISH takes. Our dashboard makes everything crystal clear. Input, drag, drop. You’ve just learned to use NUMBERISH. Easy, right?

Want to countdown the days until your vacation, while following the DOW JONES index? NUMBERISH does that.

Want to track your business’ sales number while tracking your kid’s spending habits?

NUMBERISH does that.

You could have a million different tabs open on your computer and you still might not be getting a clear picture. NUMBERISH changes the game.

What we want from you, the reader, is to sign up for a free NUMBERISH account and give it a try. Join users around the world who are organizing their lives, and numbers, with NUMBERISH.

Numberish stopwatch card
Numberish features overview

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